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Why We Love Terrain

It’s an art show that transcends its status as an art show, it has an inexplicable mass appeal that draws in individuals who don’t regularly attend galleries or showings, and, Terrain 8 was damn near the most fun we had all year. The events’ organizers manage to take the exceedingly strange landscape of Spokane’s art scene and condense it into one amazingly cohesive evening that we all look forward to every year. They take risks in their selection of visual artists, placing pieces that are agreeable and pleasing alongside pieces that are morbid and terrifying, confident that if art is to have any meaning it must reflect both extremes of our shared reality. Throw in an extremely well informed sampling of Spokane’s best bands, plenty of food and drink, and Terrain’s success becomes easy to understand.

Terrain Spokane

Terrain Spokane

Terrain Spokane

We here at Collect believe that Terrain’s eight incredible years of amazing art shows are ample evidence that they deserve our city’s support in their latest endeavor: building a permanent home for Terrain. Please check out the Campaign for Terrain and give generously. We can all be a part of building an art scene in Spokane that is stable, respectable and fun as hell.


Click here to back Terrain on Kickstarter


terrain spokane

Terrain spokane

Terrain Spokane

Terrain Spokane

Terrain Spokane

Photos of Terrain 8 by Jon Deviny

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