Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Karli Ingersoll


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Alright folks. This is my 60th post on this blog. It’s been super fun and I’ve been crazy impressed with the amount of amazing things consistently happening in the area. Originally, I locked in and just in case the “Spokane” region wasn’t exciting enough to populate a blog. Well, turns out it’s plenty exciting…even just with the little amount of time I’ve been able to put into digging around and researching local happenings.

This is just a side-hobby for me, a really fun one. And I could use help from those of you that have enjoyed it so far and who think Spokane art and music deserves to be seen and heard by more of the city’s inhabitants. Here’s where you can (very easily) help me…


I can’t be everywhere all the time. But the nice thing is…with modern technology, it really doesn’t take that much time or effort to send in a link or an image. If you see something you love around town or have a friend or relative that you think is doing some really great work, please don’t hesitate to share.


Do you like writing, interviewing or photographing? I would love to welcome some additional contributors to create exclusive pieces for the blog. I know talent is all around and this blog is about sharing and showcasing that talent. If your talent is journalistic…even on a hobbyist level, and you love Spokane, email me! It would be great to do album and show reviews, photograph events, or even write opinion pieces on arts and culture topics.


This one is super simple, if you like something…share it! If I post your work or your album, or an event you organized, share it on twitter or facebook. It’s kind of a thank you, but I see it more as an investment in the promotion of the next thing you do. Because when I post your next piece of art or your next release, this blog will hopefully have more followers and more people will see what you are working on. Right? Right.

Thanks for reading and here’s to the next 60 posts full of AMAZING local events and INSPIRING work being created right here, in Spokane.

About the Author

Karli is a born and raised Spokanite. She does graphic design, illustration and custom lettering full time, runs The Bartlett with her husband Caleb and loves writing about all the awesome things happening in Spokane here on Collect. In her very minimal free time she likes to bake desserts and garden.

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