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New Music // Winter Jams

We’ve been a little quiet around here but Spokane has been buzzing with activity. Lots of new projects popping up, new faces and familiar staple musicians alike. Here’s a few things to check out and get pumped up about.

Wind Hotel

Wind Hotel is a brand new band that a lot of people have been talking about. They’ve only played a couple shows and have already impressed with David’s unique baritone lead vocals and their dreamy yet driving sound. They use foot pedals of an organ as a sub for regular electric bass guitar making their set up close to a typical rock band, but with a little twist that adds a drone-ish underlying element. This first demo is pretty lo-fi but I think you’ll get the idea.

Technological Taxidermy

Tobias Hendrickson has been as busy as ever. Formerly of the band Bias and also currently still in Crystalline, he’s also been working on some amazing new electronic solo music. He even went to NAMM to scope rad gear and local musicians have been jealously gossiping about the luxurious synth setup he’s been building. It’s really killer. You can check pics on his instagram. Synth fans of the world are even turning their heads. Rumor has it, Tobias is also brewing a new project with Vaughn Wood of Von The Baptist and Dead Serious Lovers. Can’t wait for that as well.

Jenny Anne Mannan

Jenny isn’t new, but I’m new to her music! Recently moved back to Spokane from Nashville, Jenny has a rich history of roots music and is proficient at many instruments. She’s a celebrated songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and over all pretty rad human. She’s pioneering a new Spokane event at The Bartlett called Northwest of Nashville once a month. It’s a variety show, modeled after Watkins Family Hour. The first installment SOLD OUT and was awesome. The next one will be March 29th. Check out Jenny’s tunes on her website.

The Smokes

The Smokes have become a fast local favorite with their raw garagey sound and engaging energy. The intensity of their first record is as inviting as it is off-putting. It somehow balances very well between palatability and a sense of aloofness toward their audience. A difficult yet desired task for a new band especially, always leaving the listener intrigued. They recently won The Bartlett Award for Best New Artist by a landslide, definitely a new act not to miss.

Flying Spiders

Flying Spiders’ new record came out in December and I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to feature it yet. As always, their work is moving, polished, dynamic and impressive. Mixing pop, rock, hip hop, funk and jazz all over the sweetest grooves. The musicianship on The Pillaging Effigy is top notch and the production is leaps and bounds ahead of most Spokane releases. If you haven’t listened, don’t wait any longer.


Based on sheer principle I shouldn’t even post this record but I hate to see it just pass by unnoticed. Bristol isn’t actually the same band anymore, in fact while this record was in production they were on hiatus and have reemerged as kind of a cover band project. So you probably won’t hear them play these songs, but if romantic, harmony rich folk pop is your thing…this Bristol EP will taste like honey to you.


Ben Jennings fronts Outercourse which just took new formation along with this new album which has distilled the lo-fi garage vibe to it’s perfect core. The next band to sign to Burger Records should definitely be this crew.

The Dancing Plague of 1518

Conor Knowles is one half of local band Sea Giant. Between albums he’s been cooking this new solo project which is similar but a little more introspective. Dreamy and texturey with Conor’s unique, haunting vocals layered over the top.

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