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I-Choice Branding by Baroque and Chelsea Hendrickson

There are few things more refreshing in the world of art and design than seeing a well-done overhaul of dull, tired branding. Baroque and Chelsea Hendrickson joined forces in an effort to do just that, giving Life Services’ “I-Choice” Clinic a thorough rebranding, from a new logo to updated photography, print materials, and website design. The resulting transformation is stunning: light and clean designs that are both modern and welcoming.

I-Choice’s former website:

Former I-Choice Website

Matt Bogue, owner and designer at Baroque, says he and Chelsea “wanted to give I-Choice a fresh, hip look” in order to appeal more to the 20-something female marketing target. Their goal was to “utilize organic graphics with beautiful images to open dialogue and start a conversation,” giving I-Choice the feel of an “appealing, open place where women can feel comfortable … [and] get the love and support they deserve.” We think they nailed it!

The New I-Choice Site

New Print Materials

Multi-Platform Redesign

Keep your eyes open for more from Baroque and Chelsea Hendrickson… word on the street is that they have plans to collaborate on a new local non-profit soon!

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