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Bartfest Poster Show Preview

August 25th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

You’ve been hearing quite a bit about Bartfest here on Collect. We’ve been highlighting some of the headlining bands performing

Pickwick at Bartfest

August 22nd, 2014 | by Kaarin Swanson

Pickwick is Northwest soul at its core, and even still it’s breaking out of its boundaries with their debut LP

Water Monster EP and Music Video

August 18th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Water Monster – Southern Lights from Sean Finley on Vimeo. A few weeks back I posted about the new music

Glasser at Bartfest

August 15th, 2014 | by Kaarin Swanson

The latest album from New York artist Cameron Mesirow as Glasser, is an amazing electronic release infused with her iconic

Flickr Roundup // July

August 15th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Summer has flown by and we’ve been a little behind on our photography Roundups. July was stormy, hot and beautiful.

Robert Delong at Bartfest

August 14th, 2014 | by Scott Ryan

Face paint, pulsing basslines, squelching synths, flashing lights, and a giant orange ‘X’. This honestly sounds like the setup for

Murals Abound!

August 5th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Several months ago I went to Boise and was inspired to write a little about the stark contrast I was

4,000 Holes 25th Anniversary

July 21st, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

We missed the official party but it’s never too late to celebrate something this exciting! 4,000 Holes (Spokane’s best local

When we are at our best.

July 16th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

We’ve had these moments, more and more recently. Shining beacons of inspiration for the whole community. Moments of clarity for


June 30th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

The music industry has seen a rapid increase in small and big music festivals around the country. Indoor, outdoor, local,

Instagram Roundup // June

June 29th, 2014 | by Kaarin Swanson

June has been great and full of awesome weather and chill hangs at the river. Terrain’s first annual Bazaar happened,

GOOD DESIGN : Summer Roundup

June 24th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Spokane is full of amazing designers, specifically graphic designers, illustrators and letterers. Something I probably don’t need to tell you

Ink Artspace Fundraiser

June 13th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Ink Artspace is a brand new non-profit formed by local artists, authors, educators, poets and organizers to give teens an

Bazaar presented by Terrain

June 9th, 2014 | by Karli Ingersoll

Bazaar is coming up real quick on June 21st. The location has been moved from the old Wonderbread Factory to

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